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My Glycemic Index Story

Some time ago I heard about a new way to help control diabetes through diet. It's called a Low Glycemic Diet. I learned it is widely used in Europe, Australia and Canada. I thought I'd give it a try. It works! The amount of insulin I needed was reduced, my blood sugars were better controlled, and even my HbA1c, which was always pretty good, was improved. Best of all, I did not need to make a major adjustment to my lifestyle to follow the Low Glycemic Diet.

Over the past 20 years, researchers have taken a closer look at carbohydrate foods and how they affect blood glucose. It turns out that carbohydrates, which were thought to have the same effect on blood sugar, were actually very different. Some increase blood sugar quickly and dramatically. Others produce a slower rise. There are now numerous clinical studies that prove foods with a low glycemic index (those that produce less of a rise in blood glucose) can better manage diabetes and help people lose weight at the same time.

Following a Low Glycemic Diet is simply a matter of being better informed about the carbohydrate choices you make each day. And even simple changes in your diet can have a profound effect.

I urge you to learn more about the glycemic index and see what a low glycemic diet can do for you. We've developed a Guide to the Low Glycemic Diet to get you started. You can order it by sending $3.00 (Cash or check – NO MONEY ORDERS, to cover our printing, mailing and handling costs) to FIFTY 50 Foods at 2604 Elmwood Ave., Ste 331 Rochester, NY 14618.

To download a pdf copy of the FIFTY 50 Guide to the Low Glycemic Diet right click here and choose Save Target As.

Gary Russell President
Johanna Burani, Gary Russell & Pat Gawdun
Photo: Johanna Burani (left), Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, a long time proponent of the Glycemic Index and co-author of The Glucose Revolution Life Plan, reviews the book with FIFTY 50's President, Gary Russell and Pat Gawdun, Vice President who is also a Registered Dietitian. Johanna not only placed Gary on the diet, but she has worked with FIFTY 50 Foods in helping to introduce the diet.